New Entrepreneurs – Entering the final stage

The project New Skills for new Entrepreneurs – Attraction and Qualification of Refugees as Successors has entered its final phase.

It is already becoming apparent that, through competence assessment, motivation and language training, entrepreneurship training and intensive coaching only a limited number of qualified participants can be recruited to take over existing SMEs, but that many of the refugees and foreigners involved in the four project countries are working towards promising and innovative business start-ups. In individual countries, for example in Germany, the procedures for recognizing already acquired knowledge and qualification measures are so bureaucratic and lengthy that migrants cannot start to work as employee or become self-employed for three years or even longer. This is met with a lack of understanding among migrants, most of whom are highly motivated, want to work quickly, earn money and, to a much greater extent than locals, are seeking self-employment.

The project results to date were presented at a conference in Budapest in November 2019. A further presentation of the project results is planned for May 2020 in Hamburg.