NEW ENTREPRENEURS Video Project Results & Final Conference online

The shortage of skilled workers, which will become increasingly acute in the future for demographic reasons, limits the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time there is a growing deficit of young entrepreneurs. In the meantime, more jobs are being lost through failed company transfers than new ones are being created through start-ups. Attracting young people to entrepreneurship and providing them with qualified specialists are the most important tasks for promoting SMEs.

People with a history of immigration and flight can make decisive contributions to mastering these challenges. How can refugees be supported on their way to entrepreneurship or to becoming skilled workers? Which instruments and support measures are particularly effective and have proven themselves in practice? What strategies are being pursued in Hamburg and what paths are being taken in other European countries?

This virtual conference provides concrete answers to these and other questions. The contributions and discussions deal with the results of the project and provide further insights.

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The virtual conference live will take place on 15 June 2020 at 2pm – 4pm (Central European time).

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Dr. Max Hogeforster, Hanse-Parlament: Welcome and Introduction (10 min)

Christian Wildt, Hanse-Parlament: Attraction and Qualification of Refugees as Successors (20 min)

Prof. Dr. Uwe Schaumann, Berufsakademie Hamburg: A tool for determining entrepreneurial competencies (20 min)

Heidrun Bichler-Ripfel, Institut für angewandte Gewerbeforschung der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich: Experience with language training for foreign new entrepreneurs (15 min)

Elina Priedulena, Hanse-Parlament: Models and experiences of successful training of entrepreneurs (15 min)

Sophie Bernet: Institut für angewandte Gewerbeforschung der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich: Working with refugees and prospects of their integration as an entrepreneur (15 min)


Moderation: Dr. Max Hogeforster