KAforHR – First results are already available

A year ago, the project Innovative Entrepreneurs and Innovation Support for SMEs: Knowledge Alliance Human Resources and Organizational Development was launched with 11 partners from Germany, Poland, Latvia and Finland.

The results of the project to date already show clearly that SMEs can increase innovation, competitiveness and productivity through Human Resources and Organizational Development without large additional costs. In order to exploit these reserves, best practices are now identified, transferred and implemented and specific vocational training and consultancy programs for SMEs are developed and implemented as part of the project. To that end a train the trainer seminar conducted by our project partner “Arbeit und Zukunft e.V.” took place in Riga in October. The participants learned about effective consultation methods for SMEs in the field of HR and Workplace Innovations and gained insights from local entrepreneurs on the topic. A Bachelor’s program will also be developed that is specifically geared to the conditions in SMEs, training young entrepreneurs and managers who have comprehensive knowledge of the promotion of human resources.