European Hanse Ensemble

The Hanseatic cities in northern Europe were centres of economic power and civil prosperity, and at the same time the Hanseatic League favoured a multifaceted flowering of culture – including music. To rediscover the great musical heritage of this region from the time around 1600 and to revive it for our time in concerts is the great concern of the Hanse Ensemble.

Photo European Hanse Ensemble

With new discoveries of musical treasures, the Hanse Ensemble is a welcome guest at concerts and also with musical accompaniment at various events. The instrumentation of the ensemble is very variable and is geared solely to the optimal presentation of the respective repertoire. In addition to internationally sought-after vocal soloists, highly specialized instrumentalists are employed for the original instruments of the respective epoch.

The ensemble likes to travel and is constantly on the move, especially throughout the Baltic Sea region. The artistic director is Prof. Dr. Manfred Cordes. He likes to organize especially cost-effective performances of the Hanse Ensemble on very different occasions, e.g. concerts, musical performances at conferences, conferences and much more.


European Hanse Ensemble
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