From 19 to 20 November Hanse Parlament visited the beautiful little town of Vorumaa in Estonia to participate in the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ ExcellWBL project.

ExcellWBL stands for Baltic Examples of Excellence in WBL: Tutors, Companies, Networks. Hanse Parlament’s member Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the initiator and leader of the two-years project, in which we are going to

  • identify and collect examples and experiences of outstanding workplace tutors, motivated companies, effective cooperation mechanisms in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania;
  • boost the reputation and attractiveness of work-based learning (WBL) through praising, awarding, advertising persons, organisations and approaches which can serve as role models;
  • produce material of examples which can be used int raining WBL tutors from companies and VET schools and in training of VET managers;
  • promote partnerships between VET schools and enterprises in the Baltic Sea region

In the project we produce a collection of national Examples of Excellence in WBL: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania (in Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian).

From this collection we select examples of WBL excellence, which are then published in English in a case book “Selected Examples of Excellence in Baltic WBL”.

In addition, we are going to develop and test a training programme “Promoting Baltic WBL through Examples, Cases and Peer Learning” for Vocational Education and Training. The test will be organised in Hamburg, with participation of teachers and trainers from Baltic states.     

All project results will be presented and discussed at a conference in Hamburg in 2021 which will of course be freely available to all interested parties.

The project consortium is composed as follows:

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lead Partner), Latvia

Baltic Bright, Training and Consulting center, Latvia

Võrumaa Vocational Education Center, Estonia

Vocational Education Association, Latvia

Hanse-Parlament e. V., Germany

We are looking forward to an exciting time and experiences!