New Entrepreneurs

New Skills for new Entrepreneurs – Attraction and Qualification of Refugees as Successors / New Entrepreneur

PROGRAMME Erasmus + Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, National Agency: BIBB, Duration 01-09-2017 – 31-08-2020

The integration of as many as possible refugees is an urgent, outstanding and challenging task in many EU countries that requires the commitment of all social stakeholders. Refugees who have good basis of skills and good entrepreneurial potential are trained to entrepreneurs in a comparatively short period of time in the host country. In this way, they can be integrated into working life as successors or professionals for small and medium sized enterprises contributing considerably to the economic development. The project pursues this innovative and promising approach.

Three overarching goals of the project:

– rapid integration of refugees into their working lives by training and promotion of entre-preneurship,
– recruit additional target groups and increase the number of potential SME successors and founders,
– improve entrepreneurial skills to attract qualified entrepreneurs, to ensure innovative success and to secure and increase the number of SMEs and jobs.

Experienced partners from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Italy are working together:

1 Hanse-Parlament (HP), Germany (Lead Partner)
2 Berufsakademie Hamburg (BAHH), Germany
3 Institut für angewandte Gewerbeforschung (IAGF), Austria
4 Ipartestületek Országos Szövetsége (IPOSZ), Hungary
5 Trasferimento Tecnologico e Innovazione Scarl (T2I), Italy

Transfer partners: 50 chambers and 18 universities/colleges from 13 countries

Project products for everyone’s use: 
– Blueprints for reliable identification of entrepreneurial skills and providing advice to individual career and education plans
– Curricula for trainings to promote motivation and to create ideas for entrepreneurial activities
– Curricula and examination regulations for the training to entrepreneur
– Curricula for trainings to prepare as well as Blueprints for the realization of SMEs takeovers and business start-ups
– Manual with all results, concepts, curricula, teaching materials, regulations, evaluation results as well as instructions for use and implementation