About BaltSe@nioR


The ageing of our populations is a tendency that has been occurring in all nations surrounding the Baltic Sea Region for the past few decades.

It is a demographic shift that has had huge ramifications on society and will continue to have an impact on Europe in the foreseeable future.

What strategies can we use to adjust to this new reality?

What measures can we take to make our cities more appealing to the senior population?

What steps can we take to make public spaces more senior-friendly?

A reduction in ageism should be implemented in modern public spaces, and these spaces should be welcoming to all visitors.

When it comes to public space, however, the expense is the most major hindrance to its utilization.

Knowing that the Baltic Sea Region is the European Union’s furniture manufacturing powerhouse opens the door to a plethora of opportunities for business.

The BaltSenior initiative initiated a discussion about the importance of taking into account safety and ageing-friendly standards when designing and purchasing furniture for public spaces.

We have gathered best practices from several nations and are currently trying to make the Baltic Sea Region even more senior-friendly and accessible.

Virtual Libary

Are you interested in designing senior-friendly furniture yourself ?  Or you need more information and best practices how to make public spaces more interesting for elderly ?

Visit the Balt Senior Virtual Library and sign up today-  it is free to use!

We collected designs, studies and other material that is content tailored to meet the needs of the elderly.

With the aim of creating an online, transnational platform for knowledge-sharing and networking, the Virtual Library provides access to all relevant information for furniture manufacturers, designers, students, practitioners, and researchers. The material is based on regional facts and research data and thus better addresses the real demands of elders. Get inspired today!

The Virtual Libary is a product of the BaltSenior project, co-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) within the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region.

Visit www.baltsenior.com  for more information.