BaltSe@nioR 2.0

The Hanse Parlament is project partner in the BaltSe@nioR 2.0 project – providing Baltic Sea Region institutions with inspiration and knowledge on creation of age-friendly public spaces.  BaltSe@nioR 2.0 is supporting them in offering better services for citizens via innovative design, transnational cooperation and implementation of smart furniture solutions.

BaltSe@nioR 2.0 is unifying various actors (municipalities, universities, businesses, NGOs) representing all 8 BSR countries and Russia to work together to help the Region to cope with the aging challenge by providing more senior-friendly public spaces.

Modern public spaces should reduce ageism and be friendly to all. Nevertheless, when public space is considered economy is the biggest obstacle. Knowing BSR is furniture powerhouse of the EU, generates though enormous possibilities. With new guidelines on senior-friendly, smart public procurement we will open up discussion for the necessity to consider safety and aging-friendly requirements while producing and buying furniture for public spaces. We will promote intergenerational respect, universal design and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

​BaltSe@nioR 2.0 builds on the positive results gained from BaltSe@nioR 1.0. By focusing not only on companies, designers and researchers, but also on municipalities, providers and owners of public spaces we can ensure greater collaboration across the value chain to accomodate seniors needs regarding furniture.

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